Tee Sign Design

Coming Soon

Good signage is essential to any quality course.  We're excited to soon be offering tee sign design starting this summer.  In the hands of motivated individuals willing to work for their course and sell advertising on their signs, tee signs not only pay for themselves, but are a net money-maker for the course. 

Our tee signs are engineered to provide the maximum possible information to the player in the simplest possible format, while easing navigation for players new to your course.

  • Darkly shaded areas indicate thick woods and 'no-throw' positions
  • Fairways and landing zones are visible at a quick glance
  • Trees, baskets, and other obstacles important to the hole have their features exaggerated for emphasis
  • Printable on a variety of mediums, from laminated paper to permanent pressed aluminum

We're hoping to have options in a variety of materials at different price points available by December.  Keep watching this space for more information!