Busy Times in Sweet Hat Land!

The tournament season is finally coming to an end- it's been a busy year for us at Sweet Hat!  This year saw us operate three tournaments and dye over 1,500 discs.  So what do we have coming up in the near future?

-We're currently working on getting approval for our first course design at Green Hill Park in Worcester.  The plan is to install two courses along the same route, taking advantage of some of the incredible views which are off the beaten trails of the park.  One course will be a course geared towards recreational and intermediate players, while the other will challenge the best arms in the game.  There's still quite a bit to go in the approval process, but we're hoping to break ground in the spring of 2015.

-We had a very positive conversation recently with a subcontractor for producing tee signs a couple of days ago.  This is a project that's been long delayed, but it's one we're very excited about.  Raising money for a course is always a challenge, and by being able to sell advertising on signs to local business, course operators will be able to raise the funds to help support their design.

-We're planning two new tournaments for next year.  Those of you who have attended a Sweet Hat! event know that we either go big, or don't bother.  The rapid growth of disc golf amongst the junior set has encouraged us to put on the first ever New England Juniors tournament next year, tentatively scheduled for June.  In addition to that, we're planning a bit of a road trip next year, the details of which will be coming shortly.

-Of course, we're keeping up with our disc dye operations!  We're always looking to add new retailers, and based on volume we may be bringing another person into the operation to help us keep up.  If your shop is interested in carrying Sweet Hat! discs, we offer bulk pricing- get in touch with us on our contact page for more information.

As always, thank you for your support, and letting us do what we love to do.  We're planning big things for 2015, and hope to see you there for them!

We're Looking For Articles!

Part of the long-term goal here at Sweet Hat! is to not just be another dye company, but to be a resource for players for anything related to disc golf; not just the fancy stuff like how to improve your throw, but the niche stuff that doesn't get well covered.  There are excellent places to go if you want to learn how to throw sidearm from the best in the game or to smooth out your cross-step, but precious few about how to organize a disc golf tournament, how to teach others the sport, how to build a league, or any one of the many little things in disc golf that people would love to do, if only they knew how.

To that extent, we're looking for well-written articles about disc golf in your area of expertise.  We might be able to teach you how to dye a disc, but I'll bet there are better course designers out there who'd like to help inspire the next generation.  We're open to articles on almost any subject, so if you have an idea you'd like to pitch before spending the time to write it, let us know!

Specific things we're currently looking for: 

  • A "how-to" guide offering advice for those looking to teach others the sport of disc golf, "teaching the teachers", as it were;
  • Rules explainers; detailed guides explaining some of the often unintuitive nuances of the PDGA rules to people who are still learning the ropes;
  • "Disc Golf and _______"; articles which connect disc golf to other forms of art.  For instance, articles about crafting disc golf jewelery, or a disc golf-centric photography guide.

We are not looking for:

  • Explicitly promotional articles.  We definitely want to hear from your small disc golf crafts company about how people can get started in your specific area of expertise- and we'll provide linkbacks and promotion on that basis, but what we aren't interested in are articles that are exclusively promotional.  Yes to articles about how to create a durable zipper pull; no to articles about why you should buy your zipper pulls from The Disc Golf Zipper Pull SuperStore.
  • Subjects covered thoroughly elsewhere.  If Paul McBeth wants to write an article about how to size up 80' putts, he's more than welcome to and that would be awesome, but there are better resources on the Internet already for that information.  We aim to cover information that isn't well represented already.

Should we post your article, we'll provide linkbacks and credit to your website or blog.  If you're a crafter, I'll link to your store if you share information about your craft.  We obviously can't publish everything we receive, but if we do feature your article, we'll provide $20 in dye credit to you.  (Essentially, you buy two discs at regular retail price, and we'll dye them for free.)  We won't allow other people to host your article without your explicit permission.  We'll host your article on our website and share it through our social media channels.  We may attach relevant pictures illustrating the subject to the article, or if you'd like you can submit some with your article.

So if you think you know something about disc golf that other people would like to, send it in!

The Craft of Disc Dyeing

Have you ever been curious about how we take a disc off of the shelf and turn it into the design you request?  We recently wrote an article for All Things Disc Golf all about the craft of disc dyeing and our plans for the future.  If you've ever been interested in dyeing discs for yourself, there's an easy-to-follow guide for making your own stencil and shaving cream dyes.

We're also giving away the disc we designed for this contest, an MVP Neutron Tangent.  If you haven't thrown one yet, it's a fairly understable midrange disc, similar in flight pattern to a Mako, with a more solid design.  We'll also be giving away five of our dyed MVP Nano Minis to second place winners.  Check out the contest page and fill out the form to enter!  (This contest runs until 11:59pm EST, April 30th, 2014.)