The Craft of Disc Dyeing

Have you ever been curious about how we take a disc off of the shelf and turn it into the design you request?  We recently wrote an article for All Things Disc Golf all about the craft of disc dyeing and our plans for the future.  If you've ever been interested in dyeing discs for yourself, there's an easy-to-follow guide for making your own stencil and shaving cream dyes.

We're also giving away the disc we designed for this contest, an MVP Neutron Tangent.  If you haven't thrown one yet, it's a fairly understable midrange disc, similar in flight pattern to a Mako, with a more solid design.  We'll also be giving away five of our dyed MVP Nano Minis to second place winners.  Check out the contest page and fill out the form to enter!  (This contest runs until 11:59pm EST, April 30th, 2014.)